Why Choose FreeWaves?

Sometimes there comes a time for those of us in the Crime Prevention and Building Management Systems (Smart Buildings) Business to rethink or enhance our traditional approaches to Energy Management, Comfort, Healthy Environment, Safety, Scalability and Theft & Violence prevention.

Following the recent increase in demands for more comfort, safety, scalability, less energy consumption and also the recent increase in crime that took place in almost every part of the island, has made the people think twice about creating a “smart″ building and securing the things they value the most since this is the first time we are encountering professional intruders.

As a consequence, we hope that people will become more concerned and sensitive for matters that concern their security, safety and comfort. It is true that there are many choices available when choosing a company to be your “Smart Building” and security provider. SO, WHY CHOOSE FreeWaves?

  • We know how our actions affect the lives around us. Our clients are always expressing the peace of mind they feel because they know we are taking care of their premises and the things they value the most.
  • FreeWaves provides the most professional, reliable, and specialized solutions to completely satisfy our clients.
  • All the products we provide, comply with the highest international standards of quality, safety, functionality, reliability and flexibility.
  • The products provided are guaranteed to a very long-term operation.
  • The management of FreeWaves is involved in running the day-to-day operations. With this vested interest, you can be assured of quality service.
  • At FreeWaves we use a team approach. We instill in our employees the incentive to be courteous and helpful in every situation. Our staff is readily available throughout each day to help with customers’ closing questions and concerns.
  • FreeWaves employs specialized and trained personnel with the necessary academic and experiential credentials suitable for the accurate performance of their duties with a clean criminal record.
  • FreeWaves promotes standards of excellence and helps its members to continually improve levels of business performance and customer service. Our members are carefully evaluated before they are allowed to join, and are required to adhere to a strict Code of Practice.
  • FreeWaves offers many types of training which lets our employees attain their professional development goals in a flexible, business-centered, supportive environment that promotes continuing education.
  • FreeWaves environment encourages employees to meet the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct, to grow professionally, and to reap the rewards of employee ownership. All members of the company are fully committed in offering constant, direct and complete services in order to achieve excellence in customer service.
  • At FreeWaves we will at all times treat you and your property with respect and ensure that the working site remains a safe and healthy environment.
    Any relevant operating instructions and guarantees will be handed over to you, and you will be properly briefed about any relevant maintenance or operating issues.
  • Our knowledge and proven techniques prevent costly mistakes.