Video Surveillance Systems


Video Surveillance Systems is one of the latest technological advancements on the field of electronic security. Following the rapid development of technology regarding data transfer, which was made possible through the internet and networking, manufacture companies globally focused on designing supervision systems, which satisfy the demands of every client’s needs. After extensive research of the global market and by putting forward as priority our clients needs, we have established distribution from Geovision Manufacture Company. Geovision is well known for its excellent quality and simplicity of function of its systems and it has been awarded in USA, Europe and Asia.

The functionality of the GV-Series produced by Geovision is based on computers and it utilizes the most advanced digital video compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. The GV-Series is an advanced supervision system that allows you to watch, record, file and gain images from the cameras on your computer.

By using any computer we can communicate with the GV-Series from anywhere in the world. Not only this makes it possible for authorized users to have a complete Video Surveillance System, but they can also watch it from anywhere they want.


Main features

  • High picture quality and video performance
  • Live surveillance of all cameras on your screen
  • Independent and simultaneous recording of all cameras
  • Possible recording for several months and sorting of files (data) according to date, time, camera and cause through the file list
  • Possible transfer of image and sound through digital and analogue telephone lines and Internet.
  • Automatic image transmission on any central station in case of alarm.

The GV-Series has the ability to name each camera and to accept any special adjustments for functionality purposes. It detects human presence in the area and sends clips through e-mail. It shows and records information and documents from cash machines while it can handle reversible cameras. For security purposes, it divides users into different levels, who in their turn can change the parameters they are authorized for.