Video Door Phones


By following the needs of the Cyprus market as it concerns quality, reliability, functionality and aesthetics, our company has come to agreement with the Spanish company GUINAZ ELECTRONICA to be their sole distributor in Cyprus in the field of video door-phones and door-phones.

GUINAZ is specialized in the field of video door-phones and door-phones with the sole purpose to continually improve its products in order to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer giving new guidelines in the field of intercommunications.

Color or black and white monitors, with telephone or hands-free with the option to install the monitors on the wall or flush-mounted.


All the product line offered by GUINAZ provides you excellent picture quality even during the night, since the external entrance panel has embedded led lights which are activated automatically when somebody calls you at the entrance. The monitors have a 4’’ – 7’’ LCD screen and they provide you with the option to adjust the volume of the ring tone while at the same time you can adjust the color and brightness of the monitor. Furthermore, you can monitor the entrance of your premises without being noticed while at the same time you can see who is ringing at the door from your TV also without the need to approach the monitor. The system gives us the flexibility to install both video door-phones and door-phones within the same premises.

The digital product line offered by GUINAZ, offers you the option to install entrance panels with electronic keypad, instead of the traditional push-buttons, where the call to any resident at any apartment is done by using the numeric keypad or by electronically searching for the name of the resident. The numeric keypad can be used also for access control for the main door. This is convenient for buildings with a large number of apartments or offices etc.

A variety of products to choose from specifically designed to satisfy the needs of any building like houses, apartment buildings, offices, commercial buildings etc. Our technical department is always ready to provide you with more information regarding our products and their operation.