Time and Attendance


The secret behind every successful business is its workforce. But as difficult it is to hire and train personnel it is as hard to control the time and attendance of the employees.

By always following the needs of the Cyprus market, and by depending on our knowledge in the field of electronics, electronic engineering and information systems, we are in place to offer a complete, effective and efficient solution in the field of access control with time and attendance.

A professional solution which helps you find exactly how mush time and money each employee costs your company.

Forget the traditional cards used for time and attendance. Imagine how time consuming it is to check which employees attended the premises and the actual time they spend within the premises.

With the solutions offered by FreeWaves Ltd, you can now automate the procedures of time and attendance of your workforce. The personal data (name, address, photo etc.) and the time your employees spend within your premises can be recorded automatically without mistakes by using our specialized software for time and attendance. Our software can record data through cards (magnetic, smart, mifare and proximity), codes and biometrics (finger prints, palm, iris etc.).

Monitor which employees are within the premises, generate a broad range of management real-time and historical reports including presence list, hours spend within the premises weekly, monthly etc., view of movements and alarms for real time monitoring, cardholder full supervision, separated logs for alarms and access, full door control via PC and much more.

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By eliminating the human error and by reducing the time your staff needs to monitor the time and attendance of the employees, the system will pay off by itself in a short amount of time.Our technical support team can reply to any kind of questions you need to be answered. The installation, programming and training of your employees is always done by the supervision of our specialized personnel.

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