The Company

Following the demands of the Cyprus market, FreeWaves Ltd was established in order to offer professional, reliable and specialized solutions to its clients. By using all potentials the latest technology has to offer, and by focusing to the different needs of each client FreeWaves offers personal and professional benefits to all its clients.
We have developed and constantly expanding our long term strategy in order to offer substantial contribution to businesses and households in Cyprus as it concerns security, functionality, comfort, safety, reliability and efficiency . This strategy led our company into continuous investment in technical and business methods. For this goal, the management of the company invests on the constant and continuous training of its members and on their awareness regarding technology’s latest developments.

The experienced and specialized consultants of our company, plan very carefully and with great responsibility the installation of any kind of security, automation, music or home theatre system, creating thus a long term and trustworthy relationship with the end users. We are aware that the needs of each customer and thus each installation are different. Our team is ready to cooperate with you in order to offer you customized and complete solutions for a successful system.

Our products

According to the new conditions of the Cyprus market regarding the fields of “smart” electrical installations, security and audio & video systems, FreeWaves offers a comprehensive service for the supply and installation of:

  • Residential and Commercial Automations (“Smart” Buildings)
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Burglar alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Access control
  • Time & Attendance
  • Video Door Phones
  • Audio and Video Systems
  • Biometrics

Our technical knowledge and expertise led us in cooperating with the finest manufacturers of the global market with partners in all continents. The series of products we carry maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, functionality, flexibility and reliability.

Mission Statement

FreeWaves Ltd is committed in optimizing the level of security, comfort, functionality and luxury to business, households and physical facilities by providing professional, reliable, customer driven solutions.

By consistently monitoring and researching the electronic security and home & building control industries around the world, we strive to offer our customers products of high quality, reliability, flexibility and user friendly design that accurately and consistently detect any threats or attacks by unauthorized users and offers the authorized users high levels of comfort, security and functionality.

In fulfilling our mission and purpose we place our customers as our first priority and we try to offer the best pre and after sales support with consistency, accuracy, speed and responsiveness. Our ultimate goal is being our customers’ preferred and reliable partner.


With continuous effort and professionalism we want to become the company most trusted to provide our customers the finest quality systems, services and solutions to optimize the safety, efficiency and comfort of their premises.

We value

In our service: responsiveness, consistency, and professionalism to the needs of our customers.

In the way we approach our work: excellence, productivity and effectiveness in all we do.

In our work environment: team involvement in developing proactive, innovative, and integrative solutions with user friendly design.

In our research: provide our customers with products and solutions that are innovative, integrative, with user friendly design.

In our individual beliefs: honesty, integrity and trust.