Smart Villa

Future technology is smart and easy to use.
With the touch of a button or with an application on a tablet, smart house owners can automatically set up all functions while they are miles away.
By giving a command from the mobile, owners can switch on the heater, water the garden or pull the curtains shut while on holidays. With ‘smart’ use of electrical systems they can save energy.
…upgrading life quality.
A smart house is adjusted according to environmental changes including the automatic adjustment of temperature, automatic opening/closing of awnings or automatic adjustment of lighting depending on daylight. Owners are notified about the house status (sunshine, temperature, rain etc.) and can change the operations by using mobile applications. For maximum safety motion, rain, smoke, flood and wind sensors are in function. By programming scenarios of actions, tasks can be performed depending on the situation.
Smart is…
• shutting all lights, shutters, water heater, water and doors, activating the alarm and house simulation with just one “click” of a button when leaving the house “.
• opening all electric rolls and shutters in the morning with just one “click” of a button.
• giving orders from a smart phone to turn on the heating, water the plants, turn on the lights of a corridor and open the garage door while you are away.
• automatically irrigating the garden depending on humidity, air temperature and rainfall.
• when it dawns, raising the electric awnings when it is windy and roll the blinds when it rains.
• lighting up the whole house with just one click or activating various panic scenarios in case of suspicious noise (e.g. direct recording of cameras, activation of a secret telephone call to a relative or the police station).
• having CCTV cameras controlling and recording your house from any place via your mobile phone.
• being notified when someone approaches your house.
Simple is…
• operating a fountain automatically based on the predetermined choreography scenario you have set up.
• selecting music in the living room, via a wireless screen, while a movie is played in the other rooms.
• the system which automatically alerts you when there is a need (alarm activation, smoke, flood, power failure) or takes initiatives to interrupt water flow in case of flood, to cut stream and gas in case of fire and also to flash all lights in case of violation.
• to be able to check and record who is on your door from a 7 inch door operator even during the night.
• being able to make a phone call through the front door phone.
• automatically turning on the lights when photometry shows dusk, shutting off the lights.
Smart and simple is automatically switching on corridor or bathroom lights by presence detection.
Smart and economical is to provide night heating only in the bedrooms while the rest of the house maintains its temperature.