Smart Villa Nicosia #1

Living in a ‘smart home’ feels more safety, you manage more efficiently the energy and you have plenty of fun with all the technology just a click away from your finger.

The basic advantage of the specific property is the possibility to control locally or remotely the whole electrical installation via the KNX, through any communication device like tablets, smartphones, and computers. Concretely all operations of the house are automated in order to become functional, comfortable and fast.

  • Control of lighting.
  • Control of electric roller and curtains.
  • Control of burglar and fire alarm.
  • Control of surveillance system.
  • Control of heating and cooling.
  • Control of hot water.
  • Control of irrigation system.
  • Control of system sound and vision.
  • Control of electric appliances.
  • Control of weather conditions.
  • Control of energy consumptions.


At the same time, with the creation of scenarios, we achieved the complete control of all electrical appliances. Indicatively some of the scenarios that were placed in the project are:

  • Watering becomes automatically by the use of humidity detectors
  • When the owner leaving from the house the automation system close all electrical appliances, heating, water supply, rollers and curtains and activated the burglar alarm system.
  • Scenarios of the residence (Party mode, Away Mode, Home cinema etc).
  • Home security (closing down all the blinds, sets the alarm in operation etc).
  • Inpredeterminedhouractivation oftheheating
  • ‘Lights On’ in certain areas of the residence after activation of the alarm system