Smart Villa Limassol #1

The owner has connected all the technical features of his residence in one central system. Therefore, with Siemens Knx, the owner can control and program all the systems of the residence such as lights, heating, security, audio and image as well as the blinds, according to his desires, at any moment and in any room, depending on the prevailing external conditions. The lights have been grouped together so they can light up depending either on the time of the day or the user’s …activity at the time (watching TV, reading, dining, listening to music, etc.).

The blinds of each area are controlled depending on the external brightness, the time of the day as well as the external conditions and there is also tent protection when it is windy. The temperature of each room is controlled independently and programmed accordingly.

Security is also provided in all external areas by movement detection and the activation of the alarm and monitoring system, lighting up, sealing of external openings as well as the protection from fire.

These and many other systems are controlled and programmed via computer, tablet, and phone, locally or remotely.