Mikri Salamina By Philipos Yiapanis

“Mikri Salamina” sculpture Gallery by Philippos Yiapanis, one of the most famous Cypriot sculptors, features the installation of ‘Smart’ systems.
Smart systems offer maximum living comfort, efficiency, security and energy saving, allowing users to conveniently control all functions, even when they are on the move or away from the building, by simply using their smartphones or tablets. 
Below are some of the Museum benefits of smart systems:

  • Sound and video system. Music and volume in each area can be controlled by the touch of a button. The sound system can provide different music music on each floor or, through applying the “party” function, the same music can be played in all every space. In addition, the creation and scheduling of a predetermined scenario is possible for specific situations/mood (e.t.c projector comes down and 30% lighting reduction in the classroom).
  • Lighting system. Multiple rooms, or the entire building (inside and outside), lighting can be turned on/off through one tap from any place. The lights of a building can also alternate so as to appear occupied while the owners are away. A timer for daily routine lights and shades or a scenario for specific situations/mood (e.t.c. concert lighting scenario) can also be scheduled.
  • Movement lighting sensors detect human presence. Lighting in classrooms and in communal areas activated or deactivated by movement sensors, depending on the visitation frequency and patterns in the area.
  • Irrigation system. It can simplify garden care and reduce water consumption. Smart irrigation systems monitor weather, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use and automatically adjust the watering schedule.
  • Energy efficient. Automatic lighting systems ensure comfort levels and energy saving. Energy savings of 30% for lighting with LED lamps and smart managment can be achieved. 
  • Security system control and operation. CCTV recording and monitoring takes place 24hrs in indoor and outdoor grounds. It can be controlled through internet from a smartphone or tablet devices locally or remotely.
  • Burglar alarm. It is present in internal and external areas allowing the users to determine which space will be protected and when.
  • Fire alarm systems. It acts as a support for effective firefighting and evacuation. In case any sensor is activated, the system will set off the voice board and inform the fire station and the owners. Internal and external sirens sound and unlock the door exits.
  • Video door phone system. Τhe entrance can be monitored with excellent picture quality even during the night. Τhe entrance can be controlled by panels with electronic keypad or by tablets and smart phones. The system can record video or capture pictures of the visitors