Fire Alarms


Natural disasters and the catastrophic consequences led science and technology in finding effective ways on how to deal with these phenomena. One of these natural phenomena is fire. Fire is one of the biggest threats, which can be very catastrophic either to our personal physical integrity or to our personal belongings.

Following the European standards and always keeping in mind the safety and interests of our clients, our company has accomplished cooperation with Unipos. Unipos is one of the leading companies of the global market which designs, produces and offers fire alarm system solutions.

The fire alarm system usually consists of the central control panel, brake-glass call points, and the different kinds of smoke, heat and gas detectors. In case any sensor is activated, the control panel will indicate the exact spot of the fire in the building and will set off the voice board as well as the internal and external sirens.

FreeWaves Ltd security consultants are able to study and plan the installation of a fire alarm system in any kind of premises, always according to the international security standards.


Fire is one of the biggest threats for families and your personal belongings.The fire alarm has the ability of immediate notification of the fire brigade and the owners.