Closed Circuit Television


We live in a world in which most of the times it is difficult, if not impossible, as consumers to keep ourselves updated on the rapid developments of technology.

Closed circuit TV systems are being manufactured every day by global industries thus making it more difficult to choose the best system that will satisfy the needs of each organization or individual person.

Our experience and technical knowledge on Closed Circuit TV systems as well as our constant awareness of the global market, allow us to supply ourselves with the best equipment by manufacturers who are characterized for their loyalty on quality and futuristic ideas. We are distributors of GKB Manufacture Company, which manufactures Closed Circuit TV systems since 1986. The complete series of products that the company offers is scientifically designed in order to offer practical and smart solutions, which satisfy the demands of all clients.

All the cameras we import are characterized by their high quality, which allows absolute control and surveillance of the area you want to monitor and protect.


  • Color or black & white
  • Day and Night with Infrared LED’s
  • Hidden or obvious
  • Internal or External
  • Stable or reversible with focus ability

Our experienced and specialized security consultants will discreetly and responsibly study and plan the protection of your area according to the real needs of security, creating thus a mutual relation of trust. We are aware that the needs of each and every client differ so the installation procedure is different every time. Our team is ready to cooperate with you in order to give specialized and complete solutions for a successful Closed Circuit TV system.