Burglar Alarms


Each and every one has the right to feel that his/her valuables are safe. Our security consultants are ready to visit your premises and suggest to you the most effective and reliable solutions. Our experience and expertise on the field of security systems has led us to the right choice of products among a huge selection of manufacturing companies. We are distributors of Satel, one of the leading companies on the field of alarm systems.

Complete security coverage of your business and domestic areas. Avoid burglary of your personal property. In case of a breaking in, the alarm system will be set off instantly and will notify the owners as well as the police.

A complete alarm system usually includes a central control panel, a keyboard, internal & external sirens, voice board for transmitting messages in case of alarm, motion tracking devices, magnetic contacts, and vibration sense devices. The central control panel coordinates and controls the way the alarm system should work. It receives the alarm signals, records all the events and sets of all the outputs (sirens, voice board) according on how it is programmed. By using the keyboard you can check the status of the system and also arm or disarm the system.


The security systems work autonomously in case there is no power at the premises by using a backup battery. Their function is easy and can be even operated by a child.

The sensors or tracking devices are the instruments, which send signals to the alarm system, which then decides in its turn whether it is about a breaking in or fire. This is possible because the system is applicable with smoke, heat and gas detectors. Following this, it then notifies the police, the fire station or the owners. Also, you can arm or disarm the system remotely by using any telephone device.

The tracking devices can be motion detectors, glass-breaking sensors, vibration sensors, and magnetic contacts for doors and windows. There are also motion detectors with pet immunity, which are placed internally and cover the area completely, while your pet can freely move in the area.


Move around your space freely, with comfort and as you wish.

The system allows you to determine which space will be protected and when. Move around your bedroom freely while the rest of your premises are armed and protected. As in every installation, our specialized staff will always be available to assist you and guide you in any queries you may have.