Automations for Residential & Commercial Buildings

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No two homes are alike. After all, demands for comfort, safety and economy are as individual as people themselves. Despite that, our innovative electrical installation technology meets all your requirements in one single system with the Siemens instabus. You’ll be amazed at the range of possibilities.

Home & building automation by Siemens

If you believe that the time when we will wake up and command the coffee pot to prepare us the coffee, open the balcony doors, close the tents, water the garden, or increase the air conditioning and heating without the human factor is far, you are wrong. Many of these commands are daily practices in so-called “smart home” that appeared in recent years.

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Intelligent buildings can regulate the internal temperature with digital thermostats, turn off the heating radiators when a window is left open, fold the tents to avoid being damaged by the wind or open them when the sun is upon your windows. To discourage thieves a movement simulation can be activated by blinking lights, opening and closing the shutters or setting off the alarm. Also, in the buildings with automations, you can install detectors for motion, smoke, rain, sunshine, wind and flooding, which enables them to take “initiative” according to the scenarios for which the owner has programmed them.
Innovative electrical systems can save you money through intelligent energy management (eg heating, cooling, lighting, etc.) depending whether is day or night, the indoor and outdoor temperature, if there is a window or a door open and if there is presence or absence of people in the area. The Siemens system can save you up to 30% per year, while in commercial buildings, the savings from lighting may reach 75%. Why waste unnecessary money? Saving money is so easy.

It is so simple!

You can monitor any electrical device (lighting, garden irrigation, heating, air conditioning, washing machine, security systems, audio & video systems etc) that is connected to the system through your mobile phone , tablet, touch screen or computer.

Convenient & comfort

The Siemens knx can really offer you peace of mind and comfort beyond your expectations. With a push of a button, when everyone is out of the building, the light are turned off, the water supply stops, all plugs (except the ones of the refrigerators) go off, the alarm is turned on and according to the daily time schedule the electric blind or tents are controlled. The monitoring of all these operations can be achieved automatically through switches, remote controls, liquid crystals screens or LCD touch screens.