Audio and Video Systems


Inside, outside and at any location within your house, our high quality whole-house entertainment systems can distribute audio and video throughout your home.

Being able to access all your audio and video entertainment in any room through one centralized system offers huge advantages in any home. Multi-room systems also avoid the ugly wires and clutter resulting from having hi-fi and video source equipment in each room.

Multi Room Audio gives you the power to hear your favorite music anywhere in the home while another family member listens to something else in a different room. Every room is able to select and control the music and volume in any room just by the touch of a button.

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Multi Room Audio with just the push of one or two buttons enables you to make your choice of music available instantly. No more fighting with buttons on your stereo equipment.

Our Multi Room Audio systems feature high-quality components discretely concealed or tastefully presented in your central audio/video area. Within your house, keypads are located throughout your home serving as convenient command stations that forward requests for volume, radio station, CD track, etc., to the central control system. Instantly, the room or area you’re in or the entire house, if you desire, comes alive with beautiful stereo music playing through speakers installed flush into the walls or ceilings.

And for the movie lovers, we have a wide range of high quality home theater systems that can make you feel like you are in a real theater.

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Designing a theater with front projection and Digital Surround Sound Audio systems is a great start to the perfect home theater. Enjoy your favorite DVD, the “big game” or other media (satellite or cable TV, PCs, play station etc.) in a true theater environment. Create a space that is independent from the rest of the house so you may relax in your theater while guests or family throughout the rest of the house may use the house wide system elsewhere without interruption.

But perhaps a stand alone home theater is not right for you. If your room, library, or den will also act as your theater it may be designed in such a way to retain the aesthetics you require of that particular room. Projector, screens, and speakers may be expertly concealed or otherwise placed out of the way. Hidden components may be installed on motorized lifts and designed to automatically slide into place at the touch of a button – thus creating your home theater. Once the popcorn has been eaten and the theater experience complete, the room may be returned to its “non-theater” style at the touch of a button.


Our experienced design and programming team will have motorized components move into place together with the closing of draperies and shades when the theater is turned on – at the touch of a single button. Multiple A/V devices will be set to correct presets when turned on with a single touch. Music and movie servers, satellite and or cable TV, computer / internet games are all ready to go once you have made your selection.

Range of applications:

  • Houses, villas, apartments etc.
  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias etc.
  • Offices, conference rooms, convention centers etc.