The project of Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort, considered to be among the best golf resorts in Europe, started in 2006 and is still an ongoing project since the resort is constantly growing both in residents and residencies that are available for sale or for rent.

Our company was assigned, by the management of Lanitis Development Ltd, to place cameras at certain locations within the resort in order to cover as much of the premises of the resort both for the safety of the residents and the employees of the resort. The cameras send the video signal to the control room of the resort either through the underground fiber optics network of the resort or wireless (the distance from the wireless cameras to the control room ranges from 30m up to 2km).

The cameras installed are using IP technology and where provided by AXIS Communications which is one of the leading companies in IP technology.

The control room we set up for the Security department of Aphrodite Hills is equipped with plasma screens, from where the security guards monitor all of the resort both during the day and during the night. Also, within the control room the Security department operates a 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre constructed and equipped by our company. Alarm signals (burglar alarm, fire alarm, main power failure, panic alarm etc.), generated by the security systems installed at the villas or apartments within the resort, are received by the control room which immediately sends the patrol car to check the premises. Finally, at the entrances of the resort we have installed a licence plate recognition system which records the licence plates of cars entering the resort and notifies if a suspicious vechicle has entered the resort.