Access Control


The term “evidence” refers to documents, which confirm the identity of a person. In an electronic access control system the term “evidence” refers to cards, codes and biometric characteristics, like finger prints, palm and iris, which confirm that you are who you claim to be.

The main purpose of the electronic access control system is to control the entrance in any kind of building or premises.Electronic access control can be described as an electronic system in which information is being collected and analyzed through computers, which give orders to different outputs like electronic and electromagnetic locks.


Our experience and expertise has led us in cooperating with Satel and which are considered to be among the best manufacturing companies in the world with sales all over the globe. All products are manufactured based on international security standards and quality procedures.

Biometric is the automatic use of physical characteristics like fingerprints, palm, iris, in order to identify a person. Improve the safety and effectiveness of your business to the maximum. It allows the entrance to humans and not to codes or cards.

Control the entrance as well as the exit to your premises. Grant entrance access to specific areas and spaces only to particular people in specific time. Control as many entrances as you wish. User-friendly systems, specially designed for houses, commercial buildings, hotels, offices, factories, airports etc.